The Stephensons

Whilst many of the Stephensons were Presbyterians in the 19th Century, quite a few became Anglicans in the 20th. Two men trained and became Church Ministers.

Here is a .pdf file  of the 1911 Census entry for Rev James Stephenson (1869-1938), his wife Elizabeth, and his two children Winifred Hilda (later Dawson) (1896-1987) and John Dey Stephenson (1899-1976).  James and Elizabeth had met in Liverpool where originally they ran a grocer's shop. James trained for the Church in Birkenhead, but worked wholly within London. 

Winifred was a journalist for part of her working life. I have the birth certificates for John's two sons, Ian Meredith (1928-)  and Lawrence Michael (1933- ), but have been unable to trace them or possible marriages so far. It has been interesting to read the Wills for James, Winifred and John. I haven't discovered what happened to Elizabeth yet.

I found it quite amusing that Rev James Stephenson and Ven Edgar Stephenson were often on the same page of Crockford's Directory in the 1920s and 1930s, yet probably never met, even though they were related.

Work is still in progress here.