The Stephensons

Like many people, I use this junction nearly everyday. It's very dangerous and at peak times causes delays due to the sheer number of vehicles using it. In June 2007 the Highways Agency announced, after a period of public consultation, that it would get a Roundabout built here. A few months later it was announced that it wouldn't go ahead after all. A now closed Petition on the 10 Downing Street site was started and many people have written to Councillors and others in authority.  If the Government can afford to spend millions of pounds on the A45/A46 junction and the A46/M40 junction, then why not the A5/A444 one?

On 14th April 2009 I read a headline in the Nuneaton News "A5 Cash Secured." Now that is good news. There are no dates for the start of work yet.

I took some photos of the junction on several dates, so that when it is built, we can remember what it used to be like. You can see a Bird's Eye view of the area on the Multimap site here.