The Stephensons

October 2008 should have seen the start of signalisation work at this junction, with it being finished by March 2009. However the work didn't begin until 26th January 2009. It seems that the work will carry on until July 2009. When I emailed the Project Engineer at Warwickshire County Council in September 2008, he didn't yet know who had won the contract nor how much it would cost.

Below you will see some photos of the Roundabout taken on 28th August 2008 and then throughout the works.  The work will certainly make it much more cycle and pedestrian friendly.

You can see a lot of information on the work to take place here. Here is an aerial photo of the Roundabout. The Roundabout was last enlarged in late 1994/early 1995.

The former Lynx Express Distribution centre that was just off the Roundabout was knocked down after being taken over by UPS! Here is an aerial shot of that Distribution Centre.